Avocado fruit is primarily pear-shaped, although other varieties are also almost round. AvacadoAvocados are used not only in salads and the ever popular guacamole, but also in breads, desserts, main dishes, and in non-culinary creams for facials and body massages.

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The avocado is very nutritious with a high protein and oil content. Avocado oil is cholesterol free, of the monounsaturated type believed to protect against heart disease and certain kinds of cancers.

Types Available

Fuerte Avocado
The Fuerte avocado is green with a smooth skin. Signs of ripeness di¬er by variety, but all varieties yield to gentle pressure when ripe. (Softer for guacamole, more  rm for slicing). To ripen an avocado, place it in a sealed plastic bag with a ripe banana at room temperature. Another method is to bury the avocado completely in a jar of our. Do not refrigerate avocados until they are ripe.

Hass avocados
The Hass avocado is easily identified by its oval shape, the bumpy, pebbled texture of its skin and the purple to green-black color that means it's ripe and ready to enjoy.
Green fruit will take four to five days to ripen at room temperature. Speed the process by placing your Hass avocados in a paper bag with an apple for 2 to 3 days at room temperature

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Benefits of Avacado
•    Prostate Cancer Prevention
•    Avocados have been shown to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer.
•    Research has shown that certain compounds in avocados are able to seek out pre-cancerous and cancerous oral cancer cells and destroy them without harming healthy cells.
•    Oral Cancer Defense
•    Breast Cancer Protection
•    Avocado, like olive oil, is high in oleic acid, which has been shown to prevent breast cancer in numerous studies.
•    Eye Health
•    Avocados have more of the carotenoid lutein than any other commonly consumed fruit. Lutein protects against macular degeneration and cataracts, two disabling age-related eye diseases.
•    Lower Cholesterol


•    One cup of avocado has 23% of the recommended daily value of folate. Studies show that people who eat diets rich in folate have a much lower incidence of heart disease than those who don’t. The vitamin E, monounsaturated fats, and glutathione in avocado are also great for your heart.
•    Better Nutrient Absorption
•    Stroke Prevention 

•    The high levels of folate in avocado are also protective against strokes. People who eat diets rich in folate have a much lower risk of stroke than those who don’t.

•    Glutathione Source
•    Research has found that certain nutrients are absorbed better when eaten with avocado. In one study, when participants ate a salad containing avocados, they absorbed five times the amount of carotenoids than those who did not include avocados.
•    Avocados are the best fruit source of vitamin E, an essential vitamin that protects against many diseases and helps maintains overall health.
•    Avocados are an excellent source of glutathione, an important antioxidant that researchers say is important in preventing aging, cancer, and heart disease.
•    Vitamin E Powerhouse